PhD Symposium

The PhD Symposium will take place in room Orpheas  on Monday, May 28th at 09:30 – 17:30.

Accepted Papers

  • Christina Feilmayr. Tackling Incompleteness in Information Extraction - A Complementarity Approach
  • Behshid Behkamal. Metrics-driven Framework for LOD Quality Assessment
  • Jamshaid Ashraf. A Framework for Ontology Usage Analysis
  • Edelweis Rohrer. Formal Specification of Ontology Networks
  • Andreas Thalhammer. Leveraging Linked Data Analysis for Semantic Recommender Systems
  • Kjetil Kjernsmo. Sharing statistics for SPARQL Federation optimization, with emphasis on benchmark quality
  • María Poveda-Villalón. A Reuse-based Lightweight Method for Developing Linked Data Ontologies and Vocabularies
  • Stefan Bischof. Optimising XML-RDF Data Integration
  • Alessandro Adamou. Software architectures for Scalable Ontology Networks
  • Brian Walshe. Identifying Complex Semantic Matches
  • Zhengjie Fan. Data Linking with Ontology Alignment
  • Vikash Kumar. A Semantic Policy Sharing Infrastructure for Pervasive Communities
  • Muhammad Tahir Khan. A Collaborative Framework for Enterprise Knowlege Elicitation and Modelling
  • Christian Mader. Quality Assurance in Collaboratively Created Web Vocabularies